CERES Consulting Agronomic®

CERES, in Roman mythology, also called Demeter in Greek mythology, was the goddess of cultivated land, harvest and seasons. She’s the propitiator of wheat, symbol of civilization. And as the agriculture’s goddess, CERES made several long trips teaching men how to take care of the land and plantations.

It was the goddess of growing plants (particularly cereals) and motherly love, always depicted in art with a scepter (real wand), a basket of flowers and fruits and it has a crown made of wheat. The name Ceres derives from the root "ker", an Indo-European source that means "grow", that is also the root of the words "create" and "increase".

CERES Consultoria Agronômica® with the same spirit to grow, create and increase takes knowledge to the farmers, to turn the land fertile and to sprout the most several cultures.



Produce and provide services with excellence in agribusiness.


Commitment to the development of agribusiness, with sustainability, respecting and valuing human and natural resources.


The application of best management practices, professional ethics, respect for the environment, respect for the human being, altruism and loyalty with guaranteed quality service and qualifying new professionals.


The CERES Consultoria Agronômica® was trademarked by Takizawa, Takizawa & Cia Ltda. It was founded in 1995 and started its activity in the area of Primavera do Leste, Mato Grosso State, an important agribusiness center and region of grains and cotton production, to enroot cotton as an alternative rotation of soybean and maize crops.

Between 1995 to 2008 CERES accumulated more than 510.000 hectares of cotton assisted, with productivity average of 3,700 kg/ha of seed cotton. Nowadays, CERES Consultoria Agronômica® average consumers is 4,200 kg/ha or 1.650 kg of grain per hectare. It figures as one of the best global averages in dryland systems, in other words, lands without irrigation.

Working in the soybean and maize culture since 2001, CERES accumulated more than 420.000 hectares of soybeans and 130.000 acres of maize. In the soybeans culture, this company followed the introduction of transgenic soybean Roundup Ready® and faced problems such as cereals diseases, and with maize it came along the evolution of YieldGard®, transgenic resistant to the main larva.

The results of average consumers productivity in CERES Consultoria Agronômica® is 3,330 kg/ha in soybean, with best results at 4,700 kg/ha and 6,000 kg/ha in winter maize, with best results at 9,600 kg/ha.

About our consumers, 30% are attended by CERES for more than 10 years, 25% from 5 to 9 years and 45% for less than 5 years. If each assisted property yearly was considered an harvest, it has already been 702 harvest of cotton and 509 harvest of soybean and winter maize.

Besides the cotton, soybean and maize cultures, in the same period CERES attended the cultivation of growing maize, sorghum, sunflower, carioca beans, caupi beans, castor-oil plant, sudan grass, brachiaria and crotalaria for vegetal covering.